About us

About us CA

Purple Vignette has been founded by Frank Smits to create a space where people can discover and share their experiences about local cultures, food, wine, other beverages, and generally what makes the local culture what it is.

Apart from his own experiences and ideas, there are multiple other people that are contributing. People from within the local cultures we are highlighting, like vineyard owners or chefs specialising in local dishes, but also other people, who -like Frank- are intrigued and impressed by what makes “local”, indeed, local and who fundamentally believe that sharing our experiences and thoughts will increase our mutual appreciation and forever open our minds about the magnificent diversity that we all create together.

We call our postings “vignettes” to emphasise that we aim to share our experiences in relatively short contributions, pinpointing certain intricacies and angles that we believe are particularly interesting, generally unknown or otherwise simply worth sharing.

Why “purple”, you ask? Well, the colour purple is often associated with imagination, creativity, pride, dignity and wisdom. It combines the perceived calm associated with blue with the high energy of red. It is also a colour of royalty, grace and elegance.

We believe it perfectly symbolises the feelings we intend to invoke when we share our experiences in our vignettes.

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