Course de paella

One of the most well known dishes in Spain is of course de paella.
But there is a really wide variety of paellas and there are (very) good ones and (very) bad ones. It is all about the right rice (I recommend Bomba rice from the Ebro delta), fresh ingredients (particularly when using fish or seafood) and the right caldo (stock) for the right paella.
One of my favourite paellas is by chef Joan Vidal (in the attached Instagram video at work restaurant Costa Dorada in Sitges, Catalunya, Spain). Here he is tending to several paellas at the same time.
Perhaps this makes that people understand why usually the minimum number of people to order a specific paella is 2, looking how much hob space they take in a restaurant!

One of my aims is to learn how to make a really good paella from the likes of Joan Vidal.

See the movie on Instragram

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