On my travels through Catalunya, I have landed with friends in the Pyrenees of Northern Catalunya this weekend.
“Trinxat” is a typical local dish here served mainly in the Catalan comarcas of the Cerdanya and Alt Urgell, as well as in neighbouring Andorra.
The dish is a combination of potatoes and cabbage with pork meat (usually “tocino ” the Spanish bacon made from pork belly) and a type of “manteca” (fat).
The word “trinxat” is de past principle form of the verb trinxar meaning “chopped” or “mashed” and -indeed!- it is made much like the British “bubble and squeak”.
The picture is of a rustic home made version, and it is often served just like that in local restaurants, but I have also seen more deconstructed “cheffy” versions of it.

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